Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Experience: Week 8 of my Post Surgery

Hello Everyone!

SO! My new doctors note is to not wear a bra, sports bra, or wrap (completely bare it all!) so that they drop! So DYING FOR THEM TO DROP ALREADY! GEEZ! Ugh, also I've officially started using a scar cream called Kelo-Cote Silicone Scar Gel (10g) for mine! Here are my photos! My left breast scar is significantly more darker in color than my right.. So I started using the gel twice a day as directed on the box for my scars; and so far not a huge difference but I posted pictures of when i got the stitches out at week 2 and week 8. It says the little tube should last up to 60-90 days. So that's my trial period time and I will definitely keep you guys updated!


Here are my puppies at 8 weeks!
I'm still dropping more in my right then my left. not quite there yet! :( doctor is going to take pictures in 2 months. 

Also, just to let my ladies know... I got into a really bad car accident a few weeks ago out of state, in a rental car and went to the doctor immediately when I got back to Florida. Dr.Wigoda says I have to completely total my car in order to really hurt them. He said since they're silicone, he has actually stood on samples of my implants and nothing popped... He felt them up and said they're fine :) thank Goodness! So all-in-all, everything is healthy and perfect!


  1. any new updates since March 5? I'm steadily approaching procedure, nervous&curious. thanks.

    1. I posted a new update! please read, it does voice my concerns and my comments, but good luck! you will be happy I promise! :)