Sunday, April 13, 2014

Thanks to a fellow Blogger :)

My update since my last post:

It is now, 3 months and 1 week (13 weeks) since my procedure. 

My left boobie still hasnt fallen much since my last post. To be honest, I am concerned... My 3 month check up is coming up (May 23) and I will bring it up to my plastic surgeon. I, like many of you now, am a BIG review/blogger reader before I do just about anything. (I read reviews and blogs on places (for me or my pets), things, food, etc.) so I've read numerous positive reviews on people LOVING they're new boobies. I do love mine but I can't be fully happy until they're even and perfect. So, when I see my surgeon I will bring up the concerns and if we must do another procedure, I will do it within my remission so I will only come out of pocket my anesthetics, which was $900. And yes, I think I will go bigger. I mean I am happy with my size but I think now I should have gone bigger. My boyfriend doesn't think so, lol. He thinks my boobies are perfect in size. He does also, agree that my left boobie still hasn't fallen much. So I kinda have lop-sided boobies :( but everyone of my fake titty commitee girlfriends tell me its still too early in the game to be thinking about it. That it will fall and this and that. But I am trying to only listen to my plastic surgeon. I mean I obviously take reviews and blogs into great consideration, but I always have that left shoulder angel telling me something ain't right.
I also bought my first bra's from Victoria's Secret! I am now measured at 34DD! I tried on numerous bras from push ups, to light padding to no padding! the push-ups felt INCREDIBLY WEIRD! I can feel my implants no doubt and you will too if you ever attempt to put a push up on. I finally found two with no padding but wired. I can wear them for about 4-6 hours without feeling much... but once I come back home and take it off? yeah, immediate massage time... I only wear a bra maybe once or twice a week. 

BUT the physical "ness" of them is still the same...
I've been massaging and keeping up with moving them around but I think I might be doing more harm then good? If that makes any sense, I think I'm like, loosening them up under my muscle, which I don't want to do! I want them firm and tight under my sports bra and they're kinda separating more and moving more to the sides. I am also, apart of the 30 percent of women who lose feeling in their nipples, it also kinda hurts when I rub them too hard or something. I also, still have numbness on the bottom of my boobs... and I'm now experiencing my first "nerve pains". They're little sharp pains you get every now and then. I read online that they're little electric shocks that the nerves are trying to wake up I even this far after the surgery so thats the good sign I guess but I haven't contacted my doctor yet about them. They started about a week ago. I also read that its the implants finally settling down. So like I said, I won't fully understand unless I talk to my doctor. My scars are also disappearing thanks to my Kelo-cote Gel!

Listen, this post sounds like I am posting negative feedback, but I'm not. I am so fucking happy I went through with this. I did know the things that can happen like the outcome of the my situation. But I am now a much more confident woman about my esteem and image. Call it corny, but I think it also made me grow up a bit inside and be more responsible for myself and things in my life. I'm keeping a positive attitude, I'm just impatient for perfection... :)
Well, that's all for now! 

Here are some pictures!

Don't Mind the creases from my sports bra!

as you can see in the bottom photo, my left is still way higher than my right! This is the concern I have BUT I'm still only two months out. Staying positive!
I mean, look! My right boobie looks PERFECT! Now.. if I can just fix my left....

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